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Fandom Rant

When You Feel As Though Your Fandom Has Gone To Hell

When You Know Your Fandom's Going To Hell...
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Welcome to "Fandom Rant"- When You Know Your Fandom Is Going To Hell...


- This is suppossed to be a RANT community. Which means yes, people may write huge blocks of angry text and say insulting things about their fandom of choice. That does not give you the right to start wank over it. They're stating their own opinions.
- If someone's opinion on a fandom does't agree with yours post your own seperate post and rant. Do not comment with big angry blocks of text. That's not too polite...
- If the rant covers anything is a Spoiler for a specific series, and/or R-Rated and above please LJ-Cut it. Same if the rant itself turns out to be really long.
- Don't spam or attack personal livejournals.
- Rant your hearts out!

Fandom Covers:

- Fanart, fanfiction, and the like. (Specifically for fanfiction though there is fanficrants )
- Actors, Actresses, Directors, Voice Actors. If they're doing something stupid, feel free to rant about it!
- If you notice certain fans' behavior and it really annoys you.
- Events like conventions, media parties, etc.
- Merchandise for your specific fandom. (Like if you feel the need to rant about Pikachu bath towels)
- Anything else that has to do with fandom!

Moderated by: kyatto