The Matrix Refugee (matrixrefugee) wrote in fandom_rant,
The Matrix Refugee

Dear Person of Interest fandom...

Dear fandom,

This is an intelligent show, why are you being stupid about it??

Please stop jumping to conclusions based on the tiny bits of information we have about the upcoming episodes. Really. The shows haven't even aired yet (and some may not even have been filmed yet..,.) and you're yelling about them already. Why is it a bad thing for Finch to possibly have a daughter? It's already been shown that he had a lady in his life. Why is this so wrong? Because it might fog the slash goggles you've been wearing? Both Finch and Reese have been shown to be interested in ladies, so while it's conceivable that they could be bi, it's more likely (statistically at least) that they're probably straight. Reese very likely is straight since Jim Caviezal is a practicing Catholic and he's known to ask directors whom he's working with to tone down things required of the character that he is playing (ie. he's had love scenes cooled down or faded-to-black and I've noticed in PoI that he never, ever uses strong language).

Also on that note, please stop bashing the casting directors for choosing Jim to play Reese, and also stop bashing Jim because of his belief system. Really. He's likely a faithful Catholic because he believes this is what he's supposed to do with his life. He's not doing this just to tick you off. Being a faithful Catholic is very hard to do (I can attest to this because I, too, am a practicing Catholic), partly because of the moral code which is required of us, and partly because we have to put up with idiots like you who insist on diversity, but forget that diversity applies to everyone, not just the groups which you approve of.

Why all the hate on "Root"? She's an awesome villain/antagonist, easily a match for both Finch with his intellect, and Reese with his cleverness. It's nice to see a female antagonist who uses her *mind* as a weapon, rather than her body, the way all too many female villains do. Sure, she did the whole damsel in distress thing to get past Reese and Finch's defenses, but the way she did it is very clever. She even fooled the *Machine* into marking her as an Irrelevant. Please stop wanting to see her taken out in the fourth episode, because that would be way too soon to take out such an interesting character. It would be like taking out Elias two episodes after he was introduced.

There's times I wish the Machine would flag your images with red brackets, because you're making it very hard to enjoy this fandom.


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