The Matrix Refugee (matrixrefugee) wrote in fandom_rant,
The Matrix Refugee

Dear American Horror Story Fandom...

There are other characters in this series besides Tate, Violet, sexy!Moira and sometimes the Rubberman. It is called "American Horror Story", not "The Tate and Violet Romance Show". That little mash-up nickname you came up with, ie. Violate? Not Funny, due to what Tate did to Vivien (granted, it might not have been quite as immediately emotionally scarring to Viv as it would have if, say, he'd just straight up attacked her, but still, the discovery that it wasn't Ben wearing that gimp suit likely left her badly shaken at best, and may have retroactively scarred her psyche). Please can there be more icons of the rest of the cast? I know some aren't exactly photogenic (Larry, for instance, or the charred and still smoldering ghosts of his wife and daughters), but could those of us who RP other characters besides the fan faves have a little help here?

Also: Tate/Violet =/= Edweird/Dulla. I like how the writers on AHS Did the Right Thing and had Violet dump Tate when she finds out what he did to her mother, and then have him ostracized from the Murder House at the very end (I've wondered if they were aware of some disturbing elements in the fandom and did that on purpose, signaling that this fandom is not Twhinelite). Tate might be somewhat of a Magnificent Bastard, but at the end of the day, he's still a bastard.

Also: Ben is a jerkass, *BUT*, he does go through a certain amount of redemption. The fact that he eventually sees Moira as she really is proves that he isn't beyond redeeming, despite the way he cheated on Viv. He finally seems to get over his case of Thinking With The Wrong Head Syndrome and actually makes it up to Viv in the end (I have a feeling he kind of saw it coming when Viv took a shot at him and he might be accepting it as some kind of karmic debt: he kind of forgives her for it, in a way, or at the least, he's not angry with her about it.). The little pep talk he has with Tate in the final episode pretty much clinched it for me. So, if you want to beat up on pre-eyes-opened Ben, that's one thing, but bear in mind, he does have his eyes opened later on, so give that Ben a break. Especially after his death.

Also: Viv =/= total psycho bitch (that's Hayden's job: no series has room for two psycho bitches). Her life has been through a meat grinder, never mind a wringer. Miscarrying late in a pregnancy/having a stillbirth is *devastating* to a woman, then top that with her husband cheating on her with one of his students? Recipe for more emotional damage. Then take that same lady, put her in a house that's crawling with ghosts and appears to have some kind of cthonic entity that is keeping them trapped there, *THEN* have that darkness try and use one of the denizens as a means of impregnating her? Yeah. It's a wonder Viv is keeping it together by the end. No wonder the poor thing died in childbirth. As someone who RPs Viv (who actually can be very nice, it's just that her canon has collected the snapshots of a bad time in her life), I'm getting a little tired of some of the character assassination that goes on in fandom.

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