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Dear specific site

I live this site. Really, I do. It's good fun, and generally reliable. See, this site collects "bishounens" from several fandoms (including non-anime/manga ones, like Sirius Black or Drizzt Do'Urden too), and generally really-really good. It covers most of the must-known stuff of each bishounen, their story, their relationships. And even some speculations about things not shown in canon, but hey, it's made by fangirls. So there's generally a lot of fangirling included. But it's all fine.

But seriously, if you write about Final Fantasy VII characters CHECK YOUR FACTS.

The first bio is for Yazoo in the site. Hey, he's a hottie, I can't blame you for including him.

Generally correct infos. Altough the "Who cares about his personality if you can stare at this hottie in leather during the whole film???" irks me a bit, because it gives the impression that every fangirl watches Advent Children just for the hotties. But okay, fangirling-site, I'll let that slide.
But "Thanks to the materia he can jump at great heights - look at his fight with Reno", I mean what...? I think materia gives "magic" to people (magic-science-whatever-shutupHojo) and not... let them jump high. Altough this would imply that Yazoo needs materia to jump this high, and Reno doesn't as he doesn't use materia in the film. And I mean... I love Reno and all, but... yeah. If Yazoo would need it, Reno would too.

Sephiroth. I was afraid that they would write Jenova as his birth mother (judging from later fails...), but thankfully, they got the names of his parents right. "He's one of the results of project Jenova". Umm... I may be nitpicking here, but he is THE result. The rest are just his clones.
Then they manage to list "unanswered questions"... which are... really answered... in Advent Children. (Why does Sephiroth return? He wants to kick Cloud's ass, that's why. Hard.)

Okay, one of the biggest fails. The bio of Zack Fair.
First of all, he's listed by Zack (Zax) Fair. "Zax" pretty much irks me, whenever I see it, so it wasn't a good start. Not at all.
"He has a cross-shaped scar on his cheek (thanks to Genesis)." WHAA...? Wha...? WHAT. What. It WASN'T GENESIS, the game's cutscenes made it VERY clear, that it was ANGEAL, not Genesis, whaaaa?!
"He was one of Sephiroth's best friends, they were in together in every fun stuff", where the heck did you hear that, and why the fuck did you believe it?! Yes, Sephiroth was kinda-protective with him, because of Angeal. Yes, Zack looked up at him. Yes, Zack wanted to be his friend (...Zack wanted to be everyone's friend...), but. They. Were. Not. Zack liked to refer him as friends, but he knew they weren't really. And definitely not a fun-doing friend. No. Nonononono.
"Unlike Cloud, he really dated Aerith", yeah so if you take Aerith with you to Gold Saucer, that pretty much doesn't count at all.
"We all know that years later, after Aerith's death he finally can be happy beside Aerith, Angeal, Genesis, and Sephiroth." Aerith? Yes. Angeal? Yes. Sephiroth? Ehm... he can't merge with the lifestream. That's why he always comes back. So I seriously doubt it.
And. Genesis. Is. Not. Dead. DAMNIT. It's pretty clear even in Crisis Core that he was just KO'd. And Dirge of Cerberus, hello?
"When Zack and Cloud meet, Zack is already a 1st class SOLDIER, so he's much older and more experienced than Cloud." Ehm... he's... two years older than Cloud. More experienced? Yeah. Much older? Unless two years is a big gap, no.
"Angeal while also a 1st class SOLDIER, so he is the same level as Sephiroth and Genesis, we can't really mention them like this together" - are you hinting that he's weaker than the other two? From Sephiroth, yeah. It was made pretty clear, that Genesis&Angeal couldn't bring Sephiroth down while working together, so yeah. But weaker than Genesis? I wouldn't say that.
"Genesis was one of Hojo's guinea pigs" NONONONONO! It was THE WHOLE POINT. Angeal and Genesis weren't 'made by' Hojo, damnit! It was Hollander, for fuck's sake.

And if the fail wasn't enough already... there's a recommondation for Advent Children too.

Okay, good, good... let's go what do they have to write about characters.

"Cloud was once an elite member of SOLDIER.."


No. NO. This is just... hey, at the beginning of AC-recommondation you stated that it's important to know the original game. SO WHY...?! WHAT.

No, really, this killed my brain.
(It generally irks me when someone refers to Cloud as ex-SOLDIER (unless the fic or something takes place during the original FFVII storyline, and to avoid spoilers, or in an AU where he made it), but seriously, this is too much.)

And then they manage to state that Kadaj has multiple personalities.

"Yazoo looks like he's constantly high (yeah, too much materia)." It... could be a joke, but after this much fail, I just can't believe it.

"Rufus is the corrent (and previous) leader of Shinra (or the leader of people associated with Shinra)" I guess I get what they tried to state here, but this is worded wrong. Shinra as a company does not exist anymore during Advent Children. The Turks just stayed loyal, that's all.

"Marlene is really good friends with Denzel, and Barret is really protective of her" gee, I wonder why...? I don't know, maybe you know... he's her father...? (Adoptive, but still. He IS her father, the one who raised her.)

"Reno and Rude are annoyed by the fact that Rufus wants Cloud as a bodyguard" ...ehm.. where are they annoyed by this fact...? If my memories are correct... Reno pretty much wants to convince him to take Rufus' offer.

Yeah, that's all.

But did I mention that they refferred to Cloud as someone who made it to SOLDIER? No, my brain is pretty much still stuck there, thanks. Biggest fail I've ever seen in Final Fantasy VII fandom.

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