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Oh my god Quinrose fandom, it's just a game. CALM DOWN. What kind of fandom boycotts a company just because it's switching from PC to PSP?! I mean, no one is going to break into your house and put a gun up to your pet's head and force you to buy every game the company makes! And pirating the games so that they lose more money just because they're making games on the PSP? Why yes, you are such LOYAL customers. Pirating certainly wasn't the reason HNKNA never recieved an OVA or anything, right? And it's not like they made a movie to make up for it, right? And overseas fans are so incredibly important to Japanese companies, right?

It's not even a super huge fandom. WTF is with all the entitlement? I'm ready to run screaming in another direction. It used to be such a nice fandom, too...sigh. :(


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