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I am occasionally poetic.

Dear Majora's Mask fans (with a few snippets for general Zelda fans):

Now this doesn't necessarily apply to ALL of you, so please, please, please don't think it does. This only applies to the extremely obnoxious fans who go around and act like nobody is entitled to their own opinion.

Listen, I can understand that you like Majora's Mask. I like it, too! It's a riveting game, arguably the most emotional in the whole series! I appreciate its sadness, loneliness, and themes as much as you do. I would personally love to see a 3DS remake of it.

Okay, now just because I happen to prefer Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time over Majora's Mask doesn't mean I totally hate the game and should die in a pit. To be honest, I actually LOVE playing Majora's Mask over and over again because it's so much fun. But no, because it's not my favorite game, I'm an idiot with Down's Syndrome.

I couldn't even make up that insult if I tried. That's just offensive to people who DO have Down's Syndrome. Shame on you.
And do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? Just because I "like" your favorite game, and just because it's not the GREATEST ZELDA GAME EVAR in the series in my opinion, I'm stupid, an anti-Zelda fan, and a villain? Listen, I didn't even say I disliked it! There's actually very, very few things I openly dislike about Majora's Mask!

I totally get that Majora's Mask is an underrated game. Not many people have heard of it, to be honest. And that IS sad because it's such a well-crafted, beautiful game.

But listen up: just because it's an underrated game and it's your favorite doesn't mean that you're instantly that much better than the rest of us. And to be perfectly, brutally honest... going around everywhere, saying, "MM is actually a really underrated game!" in like every comment thread doesn't make it cooler. I literally cannot go anywhere in a general, multi-game Zelda discussion without at least two people saying, "MM is a really underrated game."

When you do that, going in every thread, reverse psychology happens. Frankly, the point has already been made, and there is absolutely no reason for you to go in every thread and state what has already been stated NUMEROUS times. The unfortunate result of this is that I am beginning to perceive Majora's Mask as an overrated game. I wish I could say that wasn't true, because I DO understand and agree with almost all of the praise it receives from fans. Unfortunately, I can't.

Frankly, at this point, the constant "MM is underrated!" comments sound like whining. I'm sorry if that sounds really harsh, but that is what I feel like it is right now. It wouldn't be as big a deal if just one person was doing it, but a LOT of people are doing it. It's like you're begging for people to pay attention to MM because WOE! It's underrated. It's honestly not helping the game's credibility that much. Imagine any wildly popular game/show/etc. (i.e. Final Fantasy VII, Haruhi Suzumiya, Ocarina of Time) and how the fans constantly hype over it. When you FINALLY play/watch the game/show, you feel like the hype has ruined the experience.

That is, unfortunately, kind of what you're doing to other people.

I don't care if you say, "MM is my favorite game" or "I like MM because..." or anything else. Just PLEASE stop the constant barrage of "underrated!" comments. The longer you keep that up, the less underrated the game will seem to others.

And finally my closing rant:

If someone hates your favorite Zelda game, don't treat them like crap. You look so childish when you do that. I'm talking to the fandom in general. (And also to some of my RL friends.) People can like what they like, and your opinion IS NOT FACT. If it was a fact, we would call it a fact.

And do not, do not, do not call people who like Wind Waker "kiddy" or "immature." I am so freaking SICK of hearing this. I don't care if you hate the graphical style. I don't care if you hate the game. Maybe I like Wind Waker's graphical style over Twilight Princess', maybe I like its story better, maybe I like everything better. Does that give you the right to call me names and act like a jerk? No, especially when I don't shove it down your throat!

Video game ratings and initial appearances do NOT condone the depth of the subject matter. Stop thinking that just because something is rated T means it's better, deeper, and more mature.

(Okay, that last little bit is directed to video game fans as a whole, not just Zelda fans.)

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