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Oh, fandom, fandom, fandom.

Okay, I know this is an otome game series, which has a manga that, I admit, has a whole lot of character derailent. You don't like a certain pairing, fine. You hate this certain character, fine. Nobody's forcing you to like it.

Oh! But look! A new movie! Eww, said hated character is featured. Oh well, fandom can handle it so long if the hated pairing doesn't happen.

BUT WAIT! A new manga series appears! And everyone rejoices! Now, I definitely would not have a problem with this if the fandom didn't insult the first manga artist.

Fandom, getting excited is great, but please don't say you hate the manga artist, and on that note, are disgusted by the creators of the game for not being able to multitask making a movie, and 3 or so games. They aren't robots, nor your personal slaves. They can't cater to everyones needs, and you should feel thankful that they ARE making a movie, even after their so called fans nearly cost them lots of money by illegally downloading their games.

Ummm, was that too long? Whiney? Sorry if it is. Also, if anyone wants, I could put it under an LJ cut. I really needed to this off my chest.
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