karkashan (karkashan) wrote in fandom_rant,

Dear Metroid "sorta" fandom, and others:

Yes, we get it. You don't like Metroid: Other M. Yes, you're very vocal about it.

Want to know something else? You do not speak for everyone. Shocking, I know, but there are plenty of other people (especially in Japan, where it's the best received 3d Metroid game) who think otherwise. People who read the manga, who actually paid attention to the story while playing the Metroid games that had come before. 

Yes, Sakamoto did say something to the effect of "the Metroid Prime games are a different take on the character, and I didn't factor in that characterization in this game". You know what that means? It means the Prime games focused less on Samus, and more on the Pirates during the story, while Sakamoto tends to focus more on Samus and less on the Pirates. It doesn't mean that he ignored the Prime games. (That would more  than likely get him fired)

But you know something? This all wouldn't really bother me all that much, if ya'll would just take a frickin' chill pill and stop whining 24/7 about it. Move on. You didn't like the game. Good for you. There will be other Metroid games. This series is not ruined forever. 

Dear peoples on the Internet: Yes, Megaman 2 was a good game, and a vastly improved sequel when compared to the first game. But there have been over 60 Megaman games since then. Something tells me that MM2 still isn't the "best" game in the series anymore. But again, this kind of thing is subjective. So again, let me reiterate. 

Ya'll are entitled to your opinion, but please respect that I am entitled to mine.  
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