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To All Fandoms

Shout-out to all fandoms:

Alright, I've had it! What is wrong with you people?! I realise we live in a completely screwed up society where things like stalking and paedophilia are lauded as uber-romantic, but seriously, this takes the cake!

Sexual violation is not romantic! Never was, never will be!

It does not lead to true love/lust/comfort or whatever the heck your screwed up brain can come up with! Sexual violation (no, I cannot even write the r-word synonym, I find the thought of it *that* disgusting) has nothing to do with sex, desire or even, gods forbid, *love*, but everything to do with power games, taking out one's weaknesses and feelings of probably justified inferiority on another person! You know, of the variety, "I may be a crawling worm of a brown-noser, but I am still stronger than you, and I can prove it."

I have long despaired and come to understand that, hate it though I may, this is a common topic in Harlequins/Regency romances or whatever the heck those pieces of wanna-be literature are called. But considering how often we make fun of that particular genre in the various fandoms, particularly the fandoms with a quality rate of over 90%, I had made the assumption that a disgusting notion like "falling in love with the guy or girl (Yes, girl. Quelle surprise, women are just as capable of violating someone, a man even! *gasp, shock*) who sexually violated you (or abused you in any other way)" would not be an issue in such high quality fandoms. Apparently, I was mistaken. Not only are do those stories exist, they're widely read and loved.

Understandably I'm angry and frustrated. What does it take people to understand some things that should be as obvious as the sky being blue? What does it take to understand that after a sexual violation it takes an immense strength to build yourself up again, that in some cases it may take years for the victim to even *think* of ever having any sort of relationship? That it takes a long time for the victim to not feel shivers of disgust and fear at even the mention of the *name* of their violator? That sometimes, even the knowledge they're living in the same city as their violators can be too much?

What does it take to understand that it's as disgusting a thought as paedophilia, to even for a moment to imagine that a victim could, under *any* circumstances, fall in love with their violator?

Seriously, what does it take?!

I have a high opinion of fanfiction, though I am not a fanfic writer myself. I find the bashing of fandom and fanfic in popular media to be completely unjustified. I have encountered too many well-written fanfics for me to think different. I even encountered some fanfics that I hold in such high a regard as to think them better than the canon they're based on.

But the count of fanfics utilising disgusting concepts as this one is just as high. Come on, fanfic writers, you're better than that! Don't write filth like that! Think, for just one moment. It's filth like that that makes people think so lowly of fandom and fanfiction in general, to the point that people think even Harlequins/Regency romances are better than fanfiction. And you know patently that's not true, don't you? So why prove them right?

Don't encourage filth like that with glowing reviews, people! Please! There are so many stories of high quality out there that don't get half the recognition they actually deserve in comparison. (And, before anyone jumps to conclusions, no, I'm not addressing the stories that really do take this issue seriously, I'm addressing those that really make an epic, sappy romance story out of it.)

[end rant]

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