Levi (levikitty) wrote in fandom_rant,

Hey, competitive Pokémon players!

If you're going to get into the competitive battling aspect of the Pokemon, use Shoddy Battle, and battle on the Smogon University server, at least spend some time on the Smogon site and learn a few things about how the Smogon University server works and what the rules are. I take extra care to ensure that I follow tier restrictions and use Pokémon who are tier-compliant. Do not accuse me of cheating when I have, in fact, not. In other words, lurk moar before you fling accusations around. Especially because it makes you look like a sore loser when you do.

This has happened to me twice within the past day, and I'm getting really sick of being labeled a cheater when I am using perfectly legal teams.

Edit: And one more thing, for those less into the competitive games:

Can we stop whining every time a rival character isn't an exact clone of Green/Blue/Gary? Contrary to popular belief, rival is not synonymous with jerk, and it's a good thing that the series experiments with different personalities for its rival characters.
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