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Dear Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Fandom:

The chapter came out recently, and already you somehow managed to make me facepalm several hundred times.

Okay, yes. The Shimon are Mary Sues, yes. They beat up the OMG AMAZING MAIN CHARACTERS WHO CAN DO NO WRONG in a matter of seconds, yes. They have a terrible excuse for hating the Vongola, yes.

But do you REALLY have to make10+ hate!bashing!death!fics JUST because of that? REALLY?
Did you really have to go and destroy Tsuna's character? He's the nicest, most wimpiest character in the series. I don't like him because he's insanely strong or badass, he's adorkable and is as strong as he can be for his friends. Enma = recent friend until a few chapters ago. Of course he's not going to kill Enma and the Shimon even if they betrayed him. He forgave Mukuro, who, may I remind you, nearly killed 5 of his friends. He beat him within an inch of his life, yeah, but he didn't SLAUGHTER Mukuro.

And don't use "Oh, but he killed Byakuran!" as an excuse, because Byakuran killed BILLIONS of people and has killed Tsuna's family several hundred times in AU's. He also tried to use Uni to make  the tri-ni-sette, and also made her sacrifice her and Gamma's life to stop him. (Which, by the way, also means that Tsuna despises Byakuran, and that he is not having hot buttsex with him. TY.)

I am very dissapointed, fandom. I never would of thought you would go this low. Naruto and Bleach, yeah, sure, but not you.
 I still love you, fandom, but really. Also, I kinda love how you can hatehatehate the others, but Enma is okay because he's pretty/bishounen and has a peen and an a-hole and he blushes. OH YOU GAIZ. 
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