January 23rd, 2010

  • kyatto

Doctor Who fandom...


This is really funny, considering that I'm only a couple of decades old and even I know 9 was not the first Doctor ever. And 10 most certainly wasn't either! The whole regeneration thing started because the show was a hit and the first actor didn't want to do it anymore. Ten doctors exist because of actor changes. Before New!Who, Tom Baker was a very classic example to represent The Doctor. It kind of sucks that when quite a few people say "Tom Baker" it's responded with "Huh? Who?"

I've managed to watch as much of the original as I could. I grew up with this given my parents are sci-fi heads and liked some of the educational aspects of it. Yes, the older episodes are a bit cheesy but come on! This series began decades ago on a very low budget! Cut them some slack!

It also breaks my heart when people ask why Sarah Jane is such a big deal. Please, do google Sarah Jane and K-9. You'll see why she's so special. And no, I'm not just saying this because I like her way more than Rose. Really, she's awesome.

Yes, I don't like Rose. Not because I'm in love with the Doctor or have a shipping preference or anything. It's because the writing behind her was incredibly shallow and she's one of those assistants who is one of the biggest pieces of wish fulfillment fanservice I've ever seen come out of the show's writing department. That's why I don't like her. I don't watch the show to pretend I'm the assistant. I don't need some weepy, clingy blonde falling in love with the Doctor because I want to. Really. And am I the only one who saw her in "Journey's End" and thought her behavior was ridiculous? I mean, really. If I wanted that level of wish fulfillment I'd read OC fanfiction.

My liking of the guy who plays 11 does not correlate with my Rose dislike. I get that it seems to go hand in hand. People have high hopes already for 11 and Amy. I get that. I like 11 because Matt Smith seems to have an adorkable quality about him that wasn't in 9 or 10.

And stop saying the show sucks now because 10 is gone. He's not the first actor to leave. That many years is a pretty decent run for any Doctor in this series. The poor guy just didn't want to be stuck with the typecast. That kind of thing can ruin careers. Cut the guy some slack.

All in all, the series did NOT start in 2005, 10 isn't the only Doctor in existence, 11 doesn't automatically suck because he's not 10, dislike Rose doesn't make me a disgruntled shipper, and it makes me sad Sarah Jane doesn't get as much love as she should.