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Dear My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandom,

okay I really need to get this out and here's as good a place as any

Please stop complaining how Rainbow Dash "was turned into a jerk" in seasons two and three. For one thing, half of what you guys complain about is highly exaggerated and amounts to "Rainbow Dash was kind of snippy in this scene CHARACTER DERAILMENT." Second of all, there really isn't any of this "turning into a jerk in later seasons" thing going on. Do me a favor and rewatch some of the season one episodes. Say, for example, Dragonshy and Fall Weather Friends. You can't honestly say that RD isn't being a huge jerk in those. This isn't something that suddenly just happened. She has always been this way.

Third of all, you guys seem to have this idea in your head that RD was meant to be a perfect polite angel. Why? The fact that she's brash and egotistical is the basis of her entire character. It's what makes her interesting and fun. It's why she has a strong fanbase to begin with. She's always had an in-your-face aggressive personality. Being pushy, rude, and always wanting to be number one are her character flaws and they always have been.

Most of these "jerk moments" you guys complain about is her being frustrated and people get touchy when they're frustrated. Pretty much the rest of the cast is the same way - they yell at people when they're stressed out (almost every main character has done this at least once!), but for some reason it's Not Okay when Rainbow Dash does this. Rainbow Dash's character is a lesson that sometimes people aren't always nice, but that doesn't mean they're bad. Being mean and irrational sometimes doesn't make her a villain. Sometimes good people have bad moments. RD is still a loyal and hardworking pony who cares a lot about her friends. That hasn't changed. She hasn't suddenly turned into Gilda the Gryphon here. Just because she's a pony doesn't mean that she has to be perfectly sweet all the time.

Dear specific site

I live this site. Really, I do. It's good fun, and generally reliable. See, this site collects "bishounens" from several fandoms (including non-anime/manga ones, like Sirius Black or Drizzt Do'Urden too), and generally really-really good. It covers most of the must-known stuff of each bishounen, their story, their relationships. And even some speculations about things not shown in canon, but hey, it's made by fangirls. So there's generally a lot of fangirling included. But it's all fine.

But seriously, if you write about Final Fantasy VII characters CHECK YOUR FACTS.

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Oh my god Quinrose fandom, it's just a game. CALM DOWN. What kind of fandom boycotts a company just because it's switching from PC to PSP?! I mean, no one is going to break into your house and put a gun up to your pet's head and force you to buy every game the company makes! And pirating the games so that they lose more money just because they're making games on the PSP? Why yes, you are such LOYAL customers. Pirating certainly wasn't the reason HNKNA never recieved an OVA or anything, right? And it's not like they made a movie to make up for it, right? And overseas fans are so incredibly important to Japanese companies, right?

It's not even a super huge fandom. WTF is with all the entitlement? I'm ready to run screaming in another direction. It used to be such a nice fandom, too...sigh. :(

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o u fanfic writers

Dear many a fanfic writer I have come into contact with:

Being able to take Critique only makes you cool and awesome if you can do it without the passive aggressive attitude towards the person who gives it to you.

Tacking "But I appreciate your feedback!" or "By the way, I really respect you for your time!" onto the end of a review reply where you're obviously pissed at the reviewer for daring to say anything bad about your fanfic, and make excuses for plot problems (protip: They should make sense in the story to begin with) or typos or shallow characters or whatever.

Of course, if you disagree with a reviewer, fine. It's your fic and yes, you CAN write it however you like. But if you post it online, you will get opinions, and if you're going to reply to the opinions you don't feel like paying mind to, do it without the snark if you really appreciate/respect them.

A line of words is just a line of words. When you obviously don't mean them, they might as well not be there.

P.P.S. Sucking up to the reviewer by telling them you love their fics only makes it worse.

Dear Wolfram, How do I break this to you?

 Dear Wolfram,

You happen to be the fictional character who reintroduced me to the joys of heady fangirling. How could I not love you?! And consequently, how could I not weep when I witness you being metaphorically mutilated in innumerable fanfics? Yes Wolfram, you may or may not have fanfiction in Shin Makoku, but here on Earth, it's a global phenomenon. Ask your fiance Yuuri about it anytime. Just don't subject him to reading the kind of fanfics I'm about to rant about.

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Oh, fandom, fandom, fandom.

Okay, I know this is an otome game series, which has a manga that, I admit, has a whole lot of character derailent. You don't like a certain pairing, fine. You hate this certain character, fine. Nobody's forcing you to like it.

Oh! But look! A new movie! Eww, said hated character is featured. Oh well, fandom can handle it so long if the hated pairing doesn't happen.

BUT WAIT! A new manga series appears! And everyone rejoices! Now, I definitely would not have a problem with this if the fandom didn't insult the first manga artist.

Fandom, getting excited is great, but please don't say you hate the manga artist, and on that note, are disgusted by the creators of the game for not being able to multitask making a movie, and 3 or so games. They aren't robots, nor your personal slaves. They can't cater to everyones needs, and you should feel thankful that they ARE making a movie, even after their so called fans nearly cost them lots of money by illegally downloading their games.

Ummm, was that too long? Whiney? Sorry if it is. Also, if anyone wants, I could put it under an LJ cut. I really needed to this off my chest.
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