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This really is long. I apparently don't know how to shut up.

So, hey there. :D Before I get to the point of this, I would like to thank the mods for telling people not to complain about HUGE BLOCKS OF ANGRY TEXT. Or large blocks, and then letting people know to cut the long ones. Seriously, that makes things so much simpler. ♥ So thank you, mods.

(And sorry for the length anyway.)

Dear Reborn! fandom. . . .

And you all over hating on the mary-sues, but. You're in EVERY fandom, and that's not really my purview.

I recently found out that I ship Bel/Mammon and Mammon/Bel. Regardless of Mammon's gender. Yes. Rejoice, for I will eventually be writing fanfic for it, etc. And your ship will have grown.

But wait.

This is not the Mammon I will be writing. You know why, fandom? Because. This. Isn't. Mammon. If you took off the clothes, you wouldn't recognize them. At all. It's hard to recognize them even without the hood- and I understand that this is partly because, well, you never see their eyes and barely see any of their hair. But that doe eyed look? That sheltered expression? That tempermental outrage (not show, but it happens)?

Not Mammon. Guys. This is the face Mammon makes. Forever:


That's it. That is the extent of it (well. excluding :3 when they get paid) And I admit, Pixiv does seem to be getting better at least- I mean. I had to flip through a few pages to find the tremendously OOC pictures of Mammon again and mostly found meh-ish ones instead. So, you know, looking on the bright side.

But this does not make it all better. You still insist on using femme!Mammon and Haru and Kyouko and occasionally Chrome as replacements for yourself, and I am sick of not being able to enjoy my pairings because they're so fucking out of character. MAKE NO MISTAKE, guys, I like het. I love het.

But I hated Bel/Haru until I saw shirokuro's artwork, where instead of pairing excessively sadistic!ripper!prince Bel with sakura haruno/depressingly goth girl/general RI!Haru she was pairing. Well. Haru and Bel together and they were adorable. Haru does not find flowers that resemble blood in her hair romantic, especially when they were put there by a total stranger (unless you're using The Assassin Quest as their first meeting- most of you aren't) who said that was better with a creepy ass grin on his face. Haru does gets weirded out when this strange blond guy she's getting to know decides he wants to sit on her lap. And it can still make a pairing, guys. It can.

I didn't realize I shipped Mammon with Bel at all until I realized that, hey. I did keep fangirling over Mammo/Bel pictures where they kept Mammon IC. The problem is, uh. Most of you guys don't. You make femme!Mammon into this temperamental moe girl who, occasionally, likes money. It's not just with fanart and fic that this pops up in- I don't know much about Mammo/Bel fics, but from what I've seen (on ff.net. Large sample, often low accuracy, isn't that weird), it's pretty much the same as the art and the rping. Why do you guys do this? Sure, we don't have much on adult Mammon, even to the point where it's debatable what gender they are (and this is how I like things. It's very fun ♥), but. We have ample Mammon running around during the arc prior to the future arc, and even got a few panels recently in the Shimon arc.

Everything we've seen of Mammon is composed, practical and oriented around money. So why do you do this? It really seems like you have to push your identity onto the local female characters, guys, I swear. You don't have a problem with male!mammon (except those of you who freak out about it, but I think you've calmed down now, and anyway, there's another group in the male!mammon only side who are just as bad) you can generally. At least pull him off. But if you're handed a femme!Mammon the personality changes drastically. And Haru gets the same treatment. Chrome gets some of it. Kyouko- well, I haven't read many fics about her in the first place, but she seems to as well in some of the angstier 27K fics. You'd probably get Kurohanakawa Hana if more of you knew she was alive. Really, guys. Just. Write an SI or an OC or an RI and call it done.

Oh. Wait.

You can't.

And this part isn't your fault, either, is it? No. It's not. Really, I don't blame you- I've gotten attitude from them to. You know. Those people who think SIs/OCs/RIs mean you're a rabid fangirl who can't think and MUST write mary-sues all the goddamn time. A lot of you probably haven't even TRIED the SI/OC/RI section, because, well, there are a bunch of elitists out there who can't stand it. And yeah, there are a lot of people who DO write Mary-sues and what not, but there are just as many people writing canon characters only who screw it up. Badly. Both sides of the fence have their bad sides- the one side's just been immune from criticism for some weird ass reason. And it's ridiculous. There is NOTHING WRONG with SIs and OCs and RIs, except for a) what would already be wrong with the fic anyway (poor characterization, bias for and against certain characters, bad grammar etc) and which could very possibly not apply, and b) possible. uh. information leaks, in the case of SIs.

No. Don't fucking tell me I'm wearing tinted glasses. Alright? SURE YOU MIGHT BE LESS INTERESTED IN AN OC OR SI, and SURE YOU MIGHT HATE READING IN SECOND PERSON and SURE. THEY CAN KIND OF TAKE OVER SOMETIMES JUST LOOKAT FF.NET. Right. I'm looking and- I don't see the problem. There are character filters on there, you know. And don't give me "But what about two characters paired with two ocs?" either. Because, yes. That happens sometimes.

But you're fucking over doing it. And I'm sick of it DEFILING THE CHARACTERIZATION OF THE FEMALE CHARACTERS I LIKE because you can't fucking grow a dick and accept that not all of any character combination (SI/canon, OC/canon, RI/Canon, Canon/Canon, OC/OC) is going to pure or horrendous. The world isn't black and white like that.

You're fucking racist against fanfiction. I swear.

(actually, I don't, just cause it comes across so absurdly)

Alright. So. The short version? You made me hate femme!Mammon and Mammo/Bel because you couldn't keep yourself from screwing up her personality by turning her into an SI. You do this to almost all the female characters. I hate you for it. And all you who hate on OCs and assume that just because the OC is being paired with a canon character THEY MUST BE MARY-SUES, shove off. I'm sick of reading fics where's it's basically an SI/OC anyway, just using the canon character involved name, appearance and abilities. Could you just get off your high horse for a minute and stop acting like you're sooooooooooooooooo smart cause you only ship canon/canon pairings? Thank you. Much obliged.

S-sorry for the length orz.
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